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Studio 99 Media specializes in digital projects such as responsive web design, WordPress development, interactive websites and digital marketing.

Our team works with clients all over Canada and throughout the US. We consider ourselves more than just a web design company but as a digital partner to your business. We strive to bring innovation to our clients projects and want to help guide them on a path of digital success.

Studio 99 Media is a Etobicoke, Toronto & Muskoka Web Design company that helps businesses grow. For more information on how Studio 99 Media can help you, contact us today


Web Design

Every website we design is built to be fully responsive, meaning it will adapt to display beautifully on any web-enabled device; from laptops to tablets to smart phones. With more and more consumers utilizing mobile devices as their primary web browsers, and Google openly penalizing those sites that do not feature mobile friendly designs, responsive web design is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement of survival.

Responsive Design ensures that every visitor to your site has the same positive experience, whether they’re browsing on a 36″ monitor or a 7″ iPhone screen. We guarantee that every image scales, every line of copy re-formats, and every utility functions fully, regardless of device, carrier, or internet provider. Don’t let your competition corner the mobile market! Stay ahead of the game with responsive web design.

WordPress Development

WordPress is an incredibly powerful and flexible Content Management System, currently utilized by over 60 million websites. Whether developing a new site from scratch or providing assistance with your existing site, we are your one-stop for WordPress Development & Maintenance.

WordPress offers our customers the ability to maintain a highly professional and functional website, with the ability to update content with just a little training.  We specialize in customizing your website to suit your company’s needs and brand so that you can have a great website that is current and relevant for your viewers.

We combine our technical and creative expertise with our dedicated support to bring you simply outstanding WordPress development solutions.

A well built WordPress site will act like a virtual salesperson for your business, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. When you start to see the new business your website can bring you, it quickly pays for itself.

Website Maintenance

It’s one thing to get a perfect website designed and up and running, but it’s quite another to keep it up and properly maintained. Just like buying a new car, you can’t just put up a website and ignore it; there’s constant tinkering to be done in order to ensure your website has the maximum possible uptime. A talented Toronto web design firm like Studio 99 Media can handle the hassles of maintenance on your website for you, leaving you free to handle whatever other issues you have on the go.

The solution to this is to hire technical staff like those at Studio 99 Media Web Design to help maintain your website and deal with the complex technical issues that can plague you endlessly.

Simply adding new website content and features, updating them, or deleting them threatens to destroy the stability and identity of your site, and thus, your brand. With our variety of maintenance packages, you’re sure to avoid this crisis while maintaining your budget.


At the heart of the internet revolution, e-commerce drives new developments, caters to consumers of existing markets, and constantly reinvents itself. No longer is the cash register a standard part of any business; thousands of businesses from major corporations to small businesses use e-commerce every day.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short, is similar to regular commerce in that money is exchanged, but e-commerce offers the potential to easily sell both physical and downloadable products, as well as services. Nearly any type of transaction can be performed thanks to e-commerce, so its applications are virtually endless.

With a well-designed website, you can use an e-commerce storefront to make sales alongside your usual sales methods, or rely on e-commerce only. You need the right website, however, and this is where Studio 99 Media comes in.

Graphic Design

We are a Toronto based branding and graphic design firm that knows how to position clients to their best advantage with smart strategy and high-impact creative.

Our philosophy? Agency Designs without the Agency Prices!
We have created result driven designs in all categories, including corporate, government, cultural, entertainment, education, retail, direct marketing and hospitality.
As a Branding and Design studio, we collaborate closely with our clients and offer a full set of services, including brand strategy, brand identity, copywriting, print, illustration, video production, packaging and display, publication design, and advertisement design.

Other Services

Email Template Design & Marketing · Interactive PDF Design · Audio Recording & Voice-Overs · Cartoons · Custom Illustrations . Corporate Video Production & Editing · Digital Flipbooks · SEO · Email Marketing

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